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Surf lessons in Daytona Beach, FL

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My name is Amber and I am the owner and main instructor of Salt & Light Surf School. I am an avid surfer and started teaching surf lessons in 2016. My goal is to share my joy of surfing with others. I strive to make everyone feel safe, comfortable, and confident in the ocean. The best feeling in the world is watching a person catch their first wave smiling ear to ear. I can not wait for that to be you! 

*CPR and First Aid Certified*

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What to bring

Come prepared to your surf lesson! Surfing is a fun sport, so coming with a positive outlook ready to have fun will set you up for success!

Bring water!

The sun and waves can easily dehydrate you. Come hydrated!

Wear the right swimsuit!

The ocean can toss us around. Wearing the right swimsuit or having a rash-guard will allow you to focus more on surfing and less on pulling up your suit.

Wear sunscreen!

It is best to apply your sunscreen at least 30 minutes before your surf lesson. The Florida sun is no joke!

Cynthia Gabaldon
I’m 51 years old. I’ve wanted to be able to surf as long as I can remember. I’d taken 2 classes in the last 3 months and had not been able to stand up and really wanted to give it another try! Amber was recommended by the surf shop. She was easy to get a hold of and called me right away. I needed a last minute appointment since the person I’d booked with cancelled the day before our lesson. Amber was punctual and reliable. She was pleasant and easy to work with. I’m nervous in the ocean and Amber made me feel very safe. She was thorough in our class before we got in the water and went over safety thoroughly. She was encouraging and enthusiastic throughout our class. I was able to get up on the surfboard within our one hour class! I highly recommend her! I’ll be coming back for more lessons and plan to bring my kids as well!
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